Our Founder

Our Founder

  Lourds Lane
Lourds uplifts and inspires the most impoverished schools in Uganda.The SuperYou FUNdation was built off the passion and heart of our founder, Lourds Lane, also known as the superhero “Shine.” She is the superhero of “LOVE” and you feel it the minute you meet her.

Lourds is a humanitarian driven by a singular mission — to help youth and adults connect to their inner superheroes. She wrote the SuperYou curriculum — an in-school program infused with writing, music, presenting, dance and art — because as Lourds says, “When people feel valued, they feel inspired to add value to the world.”
Lourds has empowered thousands of youth and adults globally through empowering musically-infused talks and workshops at The United Nations,
Forbes, TEDWomen, TEDYouth, The NYC Department of Education Social Emotional Conference, The United Federation of Teachers Parent Conference, and even a Ugandan Women’s prison, where she sings and plays electric violin and inspires audiences to sing along. She is a children’s book author and a director/writer/composer for “Sesame Street. Lourds is also the book/music/lyrics writer and violin playing co-star of “SuperYou”– a modern rock musical about a woman who learns to love herself when her own superheroine creations come to life, that has attracted award-winning Broadway creatives. Click here to get a taste of the music of “SuperYou.” in Playbill.
Click here to read a TEDWomen blog by producer and journalist, Pat Mitchell about Lourds and the SuperYou mission: TEDWomen Update.

Lourds Lane in action

“I deal with a lot of people with different behavior programs for students. But I think that Lourds is one of the only people I work with that really loves what she does and believes in it with all her heart. It’s not a product that she’s selling. It’s a part of who she is and people instantly feel loved, cared for, and empowered like a superhero the minute she walks into a room.” Adrienne Edelstein (District 75 Field Support Center Liaison, NYC Department of Education)


“I’ll be honest, many times we don’t want speak to vendors because we know what the bottom line is. Lourds is different. Seeing her level of engagement with the administration, teachers, and students. Wow. This is a no brainer. It’s that sort of relentless, visionary leadership that creates movements. Lourds is contagious, giving, and just inspiring.” Gary Hecht (Superintendent)