Our Founder

Our Founder

“I deal with a lot of vendors and I see a lot of people with different behavior programs for students. But I think that Lourds is one of the only people I work with that really loves what she does and believes in it with all her heart. It’s not a product that she’s selling. It’s a part of who she is and people instantly feel loved, cared for, and empowered like a superhero the minute she walks into a room.” Adrienne Edelstein (District 75 Field Support Center Liaison, NYC Department of Education)

“I’ll be honest, many times we don’t want speak to vendors because we know what the bottom line is. Lourds is different. Seeing her level of engagement with the administration, teachers, and students. Wow. This is a no brainer. It’s that sort of relentless, visionary leadership that creates global movements. Lourds is contagious, giving, and just inspiring.” Gary Hecht (Superintendent)

  Lourds Lane
The SuperYou FUNdation was built off the passion and heart of our founder, Lourds Lane, also known as the superhero “Shine.” She is the superhero of LOVE and you feel it the minute you meet her.

Lourds is driven by a singular mission — to help others discover their inner superhero. She wrote the SuperYouFUN curriculum — an in-school program infused with writing, music, presenting, dance and art — for youth to feel valued, so they can feel inspired to add value to the world. As a passionate proponent for strengths-based social emotional learning, she was the opening presenter for the NYC Department of Education Social Emotional Conference. She also gave a recent keynote about the SuperYou FUNdation’s commitment to educator empowerment in order to address the social, emotional, and cognitive development of youth, especially in low income communities, for the United Federation of Teachers Parent Conference. Besides her clear passion for education, Lourds also wrote the book, music, and lyrics to the Broadway-bound musical, “Chix 6”– a heartwarming story about a female comic book artist who finds her inner superhero with the help of her own superheroine creations.

A classically-trained prodigy on violin and piano at age 3, Lourds toured with youth orchestras, playing in concert halls around the world. Upon graduating cum laude from Harvard, she toured North America with her rock band, LOURDS, and amassed a devoted fan base. Motivated by her commitment to empower young girls and spotlight inspirational female talent, Lourds founded and ran the largest female rock musician network in NYC, the Medusa Festival, for six years. As a member of the National Speakers Association, she continues to empower audiences nationally through her keynote speeches. With her own iconic style of uplifting talk that fuses original music, violin playing, singing, and audience participation, she has been a featured speaker at global conferences — including TEDWomen, TEDYouth, the Microsoft Global Women’s Conference, The BlogHer Conference, and the United Federation of Teachers Annual Conference. She is a children’s book author and a director/writer/composer for “Sesame Street.” She also has the distinct honor of being the opening and closing speaker/performer at the inaugural Forbes Women’s Summit in 2013.

Whether it be through speaking, writing, or music, Lourds’ pervasive message sings out loud and proud — “The Superhero is You.” Her unwavering commitment to service, her deep-rooted passion to empower youth and women, and her amiable unconventionality, are the trifecta which constitute her own unique superhero-ness.

Lourds uplifts and inspires the most impoverished schools in Uganda.Read about Lourds Lane and the SuperYou FUNdation in a Huffington Post article by Pat Mitchell, trailblazing journalist and producer, CEO of the Paley Center and first woman CEO of PBS, and host of TEDWomen: Lourds Lane and The SuperYou FUNdation in the Huffington Post.

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Lourds uplifts and inspires the most impoverished schools in Uganda.

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Lourds Lane gets interviewed by the Special Needs students and talks about her inner superhero, “Shine.”

Superhero Shine in Action

Lourds Lane, as her inner superhero, “Shine,” inspires the Special Needs students of P224 in Queens with her superpower of “Love.”

Lourds Empowers Ninth Graders

As guest presenter of Dr. Oz’s Health Corps Program, Lourds Lane gives ninth graders from University High School in the Bronx a taste of the superhero empowerment from the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum.

Lourds’ Music Inspires

After the SuperYou Culminating celebration at P09 in Maspeth, Queens, a student shares with Lourds how she found her superpower and her voice as a result of the SuperYou Program, which led to a singing jam!