The Curriculum

The Curriculum

“I think that people in the education world really shouldn’t see this program as just another curriculum. People need to see SuperYou as something that could be integrated every day, all day, into all aspects of a child’s schooling. When we empower kids with the feeling, the vocabulary, and the self-awareness that the program provides, I think we will foster the development of a better, well-rounded child, who will then become a better well-rounded adult.” — Johanna Schneider, Principal

“This is not just a curriculum, this is a program that develops school cultures — a culture of acceptance, self-worth, kindness, empathy, and collaboration.” — Marcy Berger, Principal

The SuperYouFUN curriculum uses a blended approach to learning to include writing, music, art, presentation, collaboration, and technology for students to notice the superhero qualities in themselves and others so they feel empowered to positively impact the world around them.

The program is geared towards character development and building positive behavioral outcomes, integrating Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), which is aligned with City, State, and Federal policy guidelines.  Through the SuperYou curriculum, teachers will have the opportunity to truly know their students as teachers authentically identify what students are most proud of, what their fears and obstacles are, what matters most to them, who they aspire to be, and how they shine.  SuperYou focuses on creating strong interpersonal skills using a cooperative approach to learning.   The curriculum incorporates Common Core Learning Standards and promotes social and emotional learning in the context of school communities involving students, teachers, and parents, building a positive school climate and culture.

With the SuperYou FUN curriculum, students learn the following:

  • Create an empowered “way of being” that will best serve oneself and others
  • Enhance understanding of personal attributes and positive character traits for the benefit of oneself and other people
  • Increase analytical thinking skills by interpreting texts
  • Practice understanding of different perspectives, creative writing, and journaling skills
  • Create a unique portrayal of one’s superhero self to establish a deeper connection to one’s most positive character traits
  • Develop a plan for how one’s superhero self will positively impact the school, community, and/or the world.
  • Share positive superhero character traits with another superhero classroom using technology
  • Expand thinking from “me” to “we,” with an emphasis on responsibility and good citizenship by defining, planning, collaborating, and executing a service project or “mission”
  • Use critical thinking to provide a detailed analysis of the mission
  • Develop communication skills, vocabulary, gathering information, observation, writing, analytical thinking, presenting, and group work skills
  • Use technology to connect with other SuperYouFUN classrooms