Fourth graders from MA called the SuperYou curriculum “life changing.”
Read student testimonials in a blog written by their teacher.
“I believe in the SuperYou program.  I believe because I see the results.  I visit the students and I see the positive impact.  I would love SuperYou to be in every District 75 school.  It’s not only about creating superhero kids.  It’s also about inspiring and empowering the adults as well.” – Gary Hecht (Superintendent)
“The energy in the schools in our district that have taken SuperYouFUN is unlike anything I’ve ever before seen in my life.  There is nothing better than getting a “present” from a 7 year old and you see that it’s picture of herself and with the caption, “I feel empowered!”  This is not just a product that improves test scores.  It’s about LOVING kids.  That’s why it works.”  — Nili Bartley (Teacher)
“This is not just a curriculum, this is a program that develops school cultures — a culture of acceptance, self-worth, kindness, empathy and collaboration.” — Marcy Berger (Principal)
“This program is successful because it’s filled with “hooks”— superheroes, art, music, and it’s just fun for our kids. SuperYou should be standard learning in all our schools”— Adrienne Edelstein (Department of Education Cluster leader)
“SuperYou” brought out who my son truly is and gave him the confidence to show off what he loves to do and what is important to him to his peers and his teacher.  Kids got to know each other on a deeper level, which created a lasting bond that I have not seen in any other classroom experience for any of my children.” — Sherri Hyman (Mom)
“I have been to a school where there were probably 300 children singing the SuperYou anthem with their superhero capes and their belief in themselves, and some of the kids were non-verbal—but they were stomping away and clapping and swept away by that positive field… and the whole room was vibrating like a rolling thunder.  Then I speak to the teachers of those children and they tell me that whereas in the past the kids were acting out, now all the teacher needs to say is “Remember to use your superpower!” and the child’s behavior shifts.  The child now has the vocabulary to describe who they are and why they are a superhero, which decelerates the student from going into a full blown acting-out episode, which is probably the most positive output that can possibly happen.” – Rona Rosenberg Freiser (United Federations of Teachers, Queens Borough Rep.)
“There is so much curriculum pressure that is put on our teachers nowadays that kids aren’t allowed to slow down and learn the most important thing—who they really are.  With SuperYou, we take a breath of fun and focus on who kids really are.  And what I’ve seen is that when our kids feel empowered, all the academics go through the roof.”  — Sarah Dahlheimer (Teacher)
“I love SuperYou because it’s fun and when kids have fun, they are more productive.  Failure is not written into SuperYou.  There are only opportunities for achievement and success, and that boosts the confidence and self-esteem of the students, which results in increased academic performance.” – Robert Wojnarowski (Principal)
“Too many times children feel like they’re not good at anything.  SuperYou helps them realize their strengths and gives them the voice to express themselves and realize that their voice matters. – Christina Navarette (Teacher)
Every organization thinks they are completely all in and passionate, but I don’t know if every organization out there believes they are starting a movement. So that’s what makes us different. – Josh Wilkes (Board member)
This program engages the hard to reach students.  It shines a light on students I wouldn’t necessarily recognize and it allows me the chance to see something in them I wouldn’t necessarily see” – Nina La Plante (Teacher)
“SuperYou has made a lasting impact on my daughter. Because of the program, her self-esteem really shot right up.  She became happier.  Even after the program and the school year ended, she continues to be a superhero.  She’s a sprinter, not a distance runner.  So when she was running a 5K and was about to give up, all I had to say is, “Hey!  Where’s Tenacity Tiger?” and she perked right up and finished the race.” – Colleen Souza (Mom)
“A lot of education today is about “check the box,” and it’s not engaging or inspiring.  This curriculum draws in students and brings learning to life.  Students are putting their own hand made capes on to feel empowered to take their math exams. They work together on social good missions to help their school or communities. They constantly notice and affirm superhero acts of kindness and community.  This kind of learning stays with children even after the school bell rings.” Rachael Methal (Board Chair)
These kids did not learn something new, they BECAME someone new, by owning who they truly are.” Margarita Porzio (Mom)
“I think that people in the education world really shouldn’t see this program as just another curriculum. People need to see SuperYou as something that could be integrated every day, all day, into all aspects of a child’s schooling. When we empower kids with the feeling, the vocabulary, and the self-awareness that the program provides, I think we will foster the development of a better, well-rounded child, who will then become a better well-rounded adult.— Johanna Schneider (Principal)
“When asked to access the hero inside of themselves during the SuperYou program, my students were introduced to the concept of writing their own story, rather than live the one that is written for them by others. It was an empowering process that brought forth their most positive character traits and were ultimately celebrations of who these kids are at their core.” —  Katha Cato (Teacher)
“My kids just love SuperYou.  They are always asking, “When is it SuperYou time?” and I tell them, “Well, all the time is SuperYou time!”  This is what we’re doing every day, all day.  The concept of celebrating your inner superhero and noticing the superhero qualities in others is built into everything we do now.  I love this program because our kids now understand how important they are to our community and our world.” – Sarah Dahlheimer (Teacher)
“Educators… It will change your life and as a result, change the lives of your students”
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