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Fourth graders share how they came up with their superhero names as part of the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum.

Principal Johanna Schneider talks about how SuperYou positively impacts attendance in her school.

Our founder gets interviewed by the Special Needs students of P224 in Queens and talks about her inner superhero, “Shine.”

Lourds Lane, as her inner superhero, “Shine,” inspires the Special Needs students of P224 in Queens with her superpower of “Love.”

The principal of P09 in Queens talks about the SuperYou impact on his students.

The Crisis/De-Escalation Manager of the Department of Education in NYC and the Principal of PS 268 discuss how two elementary students completely transformed their behaviors as a result of the SuperYou learning. The class was taught by Edison High School Students who spent a semester being “SuperYou mentors” and learning how to teach the curriculum.

A shy kid turned breakdancing superhero with the help of the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum. Watch the superhero backstory of “Gumball” in his own words.

Parents share about how the SuperYou Program has transformed their children’s lives.

Empowering a school that serves only physically disabled youth.

In India, “superhero” students create a music video to Lourds Lane’s song, “Rise and Shine”

At the culminating SuperYouFUN performance celebration at P4 in Fresh Meadows, Queens, congregating multiple schools who took the SuperYouFUN curriculum, one quiet girl found her superpower and in doing so, uplifted, inspired, and empowered the entire auditorium.

Students and teachers feel EMPOWERED by the SuperYou Program.

Our founder celebrates her birthday honoring special needs children at P36K in Brooklyn.

Students talk about “SuperYou.”

One week of SuperYou in Arkansas

Empowering youth K-12 and adults at the Arkansas Arts Academy and at Geena Davis’ Bentonville Film Festival, joined by some of the cast of SuperYou the Musical.

SuperYou Empowers Ugandan Children

SuperYou inspiring and empowering the most impoverished schools in Uganda.

Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps Program

As guest presenter of Dr. Oz’s Health Corps Program, Lourds Lane gives ninth graders from University High School in the Bronx a taste of the superhero empowerment from the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum.

SuperYou Music Inspires

After the SuperYou Culminating celebration at P09 in Maspeth, Queens, a student shares with Lourds how she found her superpower and her voice as a result of the SuperYou Program, which led to a singing jam!

The Principal of PS 12 in the Bronx talks about how the SuperYou FUN curriculum was implemented school-wide to help students learn about real-life superheroes during Black History Month and Respect for All Week.

The SuperYou Parade at PS/IS 268 in Jamaica, Queens: “I am brave, I am kind, I am strong with my mind. I’ve got superhero confidence. I’ve left my fears behind. I shine with my powers. See the colors swirl. I’m here to do right and shed my light on the world!”

One of the fundamental teachings in the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum.

Bronx teacher learns about his shy student through her SuperYou art.

Overview of the SuperYou FUNdation.

Students describe what SuperYou class is like in school.

Superhero students describe the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum.

Take the #superyoufun video challenge and show the world YOUR superhero selves!

As guest presenter at one of Dr.Oz’s HealthCorps schools (University High School in the Bronx), the SuperYou FUNdation empowers ninth graders to connect to their most empowered superhero selves.

Lourds Lane gets interviewed by the Special Needs students of P224 in Queens.

Empowering and inspiring the Special Education students of P224 with the superpower of "Love."

Teachers talk about the SuperYou FUNdation Curriculum.